Hosting Operational - Part 1

Right before we setup any hosting, we actually need something to host right? Previously I had used wordpress, but it’s a bit complex and has way more functionality than I need. Enter Hugo. Hugo is a open source framework for generating websites. It’s really easy to use and it makes the automation part of building and deploying a blog really easy. There are a few different options for installing (see https://gohugo. [Read More]

How we build and host Operational Dev

I figured the best topic to start with would be how we automatically build and deploy the blog. As the blog is all automation, surely we don’t build it using handraulics. To build our blog, we use the following components: vim - editing content (Ed: If you saw bob use vim, you would recommend he does not use vim) Hugo - framework for building websites AWS - our hosting provider Terraform - automate the build of all the components used to host this site Travis CI - CI tool we use to automatically push changes Github - source control Over the next four posts we will cover in detail how we use each of these tools to bring you this blog. [Read More]